Welcome to the intelligent digital camera shop

This page uses the revolutionary Universal Knowledge Processor (Patent Pending) and the Smart Product Comparator (Patent Pending) to bring you an unprecedented flexibility in selecting your digital still camera.
60 models were fully categorized according to a large number of selection parameters (price, resolution, shutter speed, etc.).
This help page is always available by clicking Help in the left window.

Select your camera

Expand the tree at the left until you find the feature you are interested into. For instance, Max resolution and then 1600 x 1200. The number in brackets before each feature represents the number of cameras with that feature.
Now click 1600 x 1200. This simple and intuitive operation has changed things quite a bit: the features shown in the left pane are only those features that cameras with a 1600x1200 resolution have, and the number before each feature now indicates how many cameras with a 1600x1200 resolution have that feature. If you expand Avg. street price, you will see only the prices for cameras with a 1600x1200 resolution: all other prices are automatically filtered out.
Now you can go on, and select any other feature relevant to you, in the same way: just by zooming on it. If you click on 500-549 under Avg. street price, you will select only two cameras. With an index á la Yahoo, you would have had to inspect 13 cameras and read all their features in order to find the right one. A mere additional click thinned all these alternatives to 2.

The top pane in the left window shows your current context. To cancel the last feature you selected, click the Pan button. To cancel all the features you selected, click Clear. In the case you want to consider several features as equivalent for your focus (for instance, Max Resolution larger than 1600x1200), select these features by checking the checkbox next to each feature and then click Zoom.

Additional benefits

The total space required by UKP is about 20Kb (that's right, 20,000 bytes). With that much (which easily fits in RAM even for larger databases), you can support two languages (English and Italian) and translate on-the-fly both subjects and features (click Italiano, to interact in Italian). In fact, all what you see on your screen (with the exception of images) fits in 20Kb.