Welcome to CV4TALENT

This page uses the revolutionary Universal Knowledge Processor (Italian Patent 01303603; int'l pending) to bring you an unprecedented flexibility in browsing a collection of 60,000 Curricula.
This help page is always available by clicking the Help button in the left window. The UKP classification requires 1.3 Mbytes.


Expand the tree at the left until you find the topic you are interested into. For instance, click on Età and select 20-25 and 26-30 by checking the boxes next to them. The numbers before each topic represent the number of documents classified under it. Now click on Zoom in the menu in the bottom pane.
The system will focus on Età between 20 and 30 and it will show you all the features related to the CV's for persons in their twenties only (e.g. Retribuzione, Settori, etc.). You will notice that the number of documents before each topic is different from before: in fact they report, for each topic t, the number of documents classified under Età between 20 and 30 and t. Another difference is that at the bottom of the left window the Context displays the topics you selected, The context always displays the current focus of your search.
You can perform as many zooms as you like: each additional topic will be AND'ed with the current context. This means that if you zoom on topics a, b, c, the portion of the database you are working on includes those and only those documents classified under a, b and c.
To cancel the last feature you selected, click the Pan button. The Clear Context button clears the context: the classification will then be a picture of the entire database.